We Believe that Every Company is a Data Company

In 2011, Marc Andreessen wrote that every company must be a software company to survive. Many companies spent billions on software, a binary arms race. Over the last decade, nearly three-quarters of Fortune 1,000 companies have been replaced—despite aggressive investments in software.

Today, every company is creating, consuming and leveraging data to stay relevant. You can’t focus on defense and expect to win the future. Leveraging data, in an ethical manner, has to be at the heart of your company and product strategy.  The timid too often obsess over data liabilities and risk bankrupting their companies, while the bold—who pan for gold and strike it data rich—work aggressively to inherit the industries of the future.

Collect, analyze and monetize - because in the end, data companies will reinvent the world.


We are passionate about helping companies succeed in the data economy


Vamshi Ambati

Founder & President

On a mission to fix the data challenges that impede Enterprises; ex-PayPal; ex-Carnegie Mellon; ex-Base; ex-AT&T Research


Nazeer Hussain

Vice President of Engineering

Passionate about Engineering and Building New things;


Timothy Barrett

Head of Sales

Customer is the key to everything