Modern Data Engineering

  • Data Warehousing, Data Lakes
  • Analysis Data Marts
  • Scalable Data Pipelines
  • Embedded Analytics Applications
  • Engineering for Modern Architectures

Advanced Analytics

  • Analytics Roadmaps
  • Reporting and Business Insights
  • Traditional & No-SQL Analysis
  • Embedded Analytics Applications
  • Business and Stakeholder Readouts

Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning for Enterprise
  • Predictive Modeling and Strategy
  • Statistical Analysis & Insights
  • Deep Learning Expertise
  • Natural Language Processing


Healthcare Services

One of the key indicators of the quality of a hospital's care is how frequently its patients are readmitted within a month after being discharged. A study shows that the federal government's readmission penalties on hospitals will reach a new high as Medicare withholds more than half a billion dollars in payments over the next year. The government will penalize more than half of the nation's hospitals - a total of 2,597 - having more patients than expected return within a month for patients with identified common conditions.  Our predictive health engine can help identify patients at risk for these conditions so alerts can be raised for necessary interventions.

Finance Sector

With changing landscape of finance and the need for averting yet another unforeseen collapse of markets, bankers and financial actors have resorted to BigData for a comprehensive picture of the Customer. This involves collecting real-time streams of data from various sources and stitching it together to build models of 'risk' that address the objectives of marketplaces or banks. Our Credit decisioning algorithm is built on top of our Predera Platform ingesting data from social media, demographics, census, transactional data from marketplaces. We have leveraged state-of-art deep learning algorithms to improve decisioning and yet explain the decisions with simpler ensemble models.